Category Pages

GoFundMe is an online fundraising platform that enables people to receive donations in times of need. GoFundMe category pages validate that a specific cause is worth raising money. Redesigning category pages was apart of a wider company effort to update all GoFundMe marketing pages.

The goal for category pages was to increase the number of campaigns started on the GoFundMe platform. I worked with the marketing team, the SEO team, the front-end engineer team, and the lead designer for three months. I focused on category pages while the lead designer worked on the GoFundMe homepage.

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My role was to design a category marketing page template that would give potential campaign organizers confidence and courage to raise money for unique causes. I addressed this challenge by first outlining the information hierarchy for all category pages.

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Each category page starts with validating the potential campaign organizer’s fundraising need and ends with highlighting GoFundMe’s trustworthiness and credibility. I created wireframes, went through multiple design iterations, and integrated feedback from marketing and engineering teams.

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Finally, I collaborated with the design lead to finalize the category page template to maintain design system patterns that were applied across across all GoFundMe marketing pages.

Check out a live GoFundMe category page here .