Identity Management

Clever is a platform that provides teachers and students access to thousands of learning applications through a single sign-on portal.

While Clever provides seamless access to education applications, school districts still face the IT challenge of creating and maintaining accurate user data in identity systems like Google. User data constantly changes and if Google accounts do not remain accurate, students and teachers will lose access to their digital learning software.

My team set out to create an affordable and easy-to-use Google account provisioning solution for district administrators (DAs) that are overpaying for enterprise solutions or relying on manual scripts.

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My role as the lead designer was to design an entirely new product called Clever IDM Essentials that focused on self-service setup and easy lifecycle management for Google account provisioning. My goal was to enable DAs to automatically create and manage Google accounts without writing any code so students and teachers could have access to their learning applications. I was responsible for designing the beginning to end user experience which included product discovery, onboarding setup, purchasing and ongoing management.

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I conducted 20 user research calls with DAs to understand their main challenges with identity management and account provisioning. I mapped the core user journeys for Google account provisioning and learned that the most challenging steps were setting up email domain templates and automating organizational units.

Through these user research calls, I developed product principles that guided my design decisions. One principle was guiding the user step-by-step by providing tips and suggestions that would dynamically appear at technically challenging steps. Another principle was to build confidence by providing previews with real user data so DAs could accurately predict the outcome of their automations.

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Once Clever IDM Essentials launched, the user feedback was overwhelmingly positive. In a user call, one DA said:

“The setup wizard was very simple…anyone [can] with any technical level set it up on their own, without having somebody hold their hand and walk them through it.”

To learn more about Clever IDM Essentials check out the Clever IDM Appstore page .